Podcast Scripts


#20 Foreign Influence Operations with Natalie Thompson

As US election drama reaches a climax, the Nerds tackle headlines around foreign election interference. Joining us is special guest Natalie Thompson from the Carnegie Endowment’s Partnership for Countering Influence Operations. Join us for a discussion of what influence operations are, what states are using them, and how to stop them. Click here to read…

#19 Candidate Cage Match: Trump vs Biden’s Foreign Policy

With the US presidential election looming, the nerds tackle Trump and Biden’s foreign policy platforms. Follow along with a dynamic conversation that covers all angles, from flashpoint point issues like China, Iran, and North Korea, to the academic theories behind their policies. HUNTER: Hello and welcome back to Geopolitics Rundown with just a few days…

#18 Raucous Caucuses: Armenia vs. Azerbaijan

Welcome to the new Geopolitics Rundown! We are back after our brief hiatus with a new, unscripted format and some new topics to discuss. Today’s topic: The recent conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan which has killed hundreds and re-ignited a fight over the disputed territory of Nagorno Karabakh. We’re going to walk you through where…

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