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The Third Pole: Europe Debates Strategic Autonomy Geopolitics Rundown

Welcome back to Geopolitics Rundown! We're wrapping up the holiday season with a far-ranging discussion on the future of the European-American relationship. Joe Biden's pick for Secretary of State, Antony "Tony" Blinken, will have to thread the needle amid an intense debate in Europe about strategic autonomy. As the debate unfolds, the old divide between the Gaullists and the Atlanticists rears its head.
  1. The Third Pole: Europe Debates Strategic Autonomy
  2. Foreign Influence Operations with Natalie Thompson
  3. Candidate Cage Match: Trump vs Biden's foreign policy
  4. Raucous Caucasus: Armenia vs. Azerbaijan
  5. UAE-Israel Deal: Frenemies with Benefits
  6. Inside the Indo-Pacific: Japan
  7. Security Sunday: India's Navy with Aman Thakker
  8. Inside the Indo-Pacific: Australia with Michael Hilliard
  9. Geopolitics of TikTok
  10. Inside the Indo-Pacific: The South China Sea