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Why Business Needs Policy Experts, with Cenk Sidar Geopolitics Rundown

Welcome to Season 2 of Geopolitics Rundown! We are back after our break to bring you more insights from foreign policy's best and brightest and more analysis of global events. Kicking off the new season is an interview with Cenk Sidar, co-founder and CEO of GlobalWonks, an innovative company that connects businesses to top regional and policy experts in real time. Their clients include fortune 100 companies, consulting firms, and other businesses in emerging markets. Today, we'll discuss the unique challenges businesses face in getting the expertise and business intelligence they need to operate in an increasingly complicated and globalized world.
  1. Why Business Needs Policy Experts, with Cenk Sidar
  2. The Third Pole: Europe Debates Strategic Autonomy
  3. Foreign Influence Operations with Natalie Thompson
  4. Candidate Cage Match: Trump vs Biden's foreign policy
  5. Raucous Caucasus: Armenia vs. Azerbaijan
  6. UAE-Israel Deal: Frenemies with Benefits
  7. Inside the Indo-Pacific: Japan
  8. Security Sunday: India's Navy with Aman Thakker
  9. Inside the Indo-Pacific: Australia with Michael Hilliard
  10. Geopolitics of TikTok